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The Bucklanders

*Finalist - Screenwriting Sage Contest - Feature Comedy 

*Finalist - Austin Comedy FiIm Festival - Dark Comedy Screenplay Competition

*Semifinalist - Desertscape International Film Festival 

*Quarterfinalist - Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards

*Official Selection - Freedom Festival International 

*Official Selection - Atlanta Comedy Film Festival 

*Official Selection - Austin Spotlight Film Festival

Drawn together by a strange job opportunity, four young British professionals in the 1830s travel the world and witness historic events through a series of intercontinental shenanigans in service to an eccentric geologist. 

Orion's Pants

*Finalist - Desertscape International Film Festival

*Semifinalist - Cordillera International Film Festival 

*Official Selection - Austin Comedy Film Festival 

Two estranged comedy partners and a high school science teacher are the first to realize that planet Earth is shrinking beneath them, and unfortunately for the rest of humanity, it looks like they're the only ones who can unravel an intergalactic conspiracy. 

The Real, Actual End of the World 

*Finalist - Texas Short Film Festival - Dark Comedy Screenplay Competition

*Finalist - Austin After Dark Film Festival

*Official Selection - Toronto Comedy Film & Screenplay Festival

*Official Selection - Dark Comedy Film Festival 

As Western civilization crumbles around them, four dental students embark on a road trip through the American South in order to get an operation before rising sea levels kill the last doctor in Florida.

Untitled Roman Brain Project

*Top 20% - Academy Nicholl Fellowship

*Official Selection - Montreal International Film Festival 

*Official Selection - Silicon Beach Film Festival 

*Official Selection - Austin Spotlight Film Festival

When a mild-mannered office worker in the mind of a 12-year-old boy is promoted to Head of Brain Development, she and her team have to navigate the dark and absurd world of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in order to guide him through puberty. 

The Land of Nadine

*Finalist - Houston Comedy Film Festival

*Finalist - Portland Comedy Film Festival

*Official Selection - New York City International Screenplay Awards

During the Cold War, five dumb and privileged grandkids of a deceased wealthy entrepreneur don't inherit any actual money - but they do receive a square mile of land on the Swedish coast, where they attempt to evade the draft and make some cash, only to have their buffoonery push them ever deeper into geopolitical conflict. 

Emmett of Xendia 

Upset at how the human media has been portraying them, an adventure party of insecure magical creatures kidnaps a Manhattan teenager and takes him on a quest in hopes of showing him they aren’t losers. 

The Aerosol Salesman (Or: 48 Uses For Postcards)

When a dim-witted salesman meets a jaded saleswoman in a backwards Indiana town, they must win over the locals by embracing their native brand of love, family and hijinks. 


An uninspired sculptress moves to rural Nevada to take care of her grandparents’ old house, where she meets the local senior art club and reinvigorates their creative passions as well as her own. 

Upper Management

When a data entry clerk for Heaven realizes his crucial software is down, he must go down to Earth and manually document the lives of two souls: a bubbly, Heaven-bound sorority girl and a misunderstood, Hell-bound convict.

Maria Beats 

A washed-up hip-hop producer moves back in with her ne’er-do-well father in North Carolina, where the only job she can find is composing music for a low-budget Shark Week program, but her quirky new production crew helps her embrace a major detour to her Hollywood dreams. 

Frederick Montego and the Sand Navy

Helplessly in love with his best friend, a cunning bookstore employee must get closer to her by joining her secret society of twenty-somethings who are paid by an ingenious quadriplegic stoner to live the exciting life he never could. 


When an arrogant but gifted American language student is stranded in a small Cambodian town, he learns the ritualistic art of shadow puppet theatre while wrestling with his fragile notions of masculinity, culture and race.