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All works are copyrighted © Michael Blomquist 2024

The New Janissary

*Winner - Script Awards Los Angeles

Two-Act Stage Play

When a kidnapped warrior is finally returned to his home village in the Balkans after serving as a guard to the Ottoman sultan, he quickly realizes that the Empire has crumbled while he lived in luxury. Through his discussions with long-lost friends and family (and one poorly-timed puppet show), Yusef witnesses the complicated relationship between the individual and the state, the fall of the only society he has ever known, and the accidental invention of Cool Ranch Doritos.


*Official Selection - Birmingham Film Festival

Short Screenplay

43,000 years ago, a tribe of early humans finds its idyllic existence suddenly complicated by the discovery of sex, water travel, language and the evils of capitalism - all in the same week.

Other Media: Welcome
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